Low Season Safaris in Kenya – Green Season

Low Season Safaris in Kenya – Green Season

Icon February 2, 2017
Icon By Morris Gatheru
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Kenya is perfect destination for an African Safari, mainly because it offers diverse geography and climate conditions making it a viable tourist attraction all year-round. For the greater part of the year most safaris take place between the months of January and March. However, you need to have knowledge of the seasons and differentiate between high season and low season for a truly refreshing Kenyan safari. Although, the high season is generally popular and a preference for many visitors, there are plenty of low season safari alternatives that offer much fun as well.

Low season tours are also commonly known as “green season” tours and characteristically offer lower rates. The low season is marked by the months of April to June, which is popular with the long rains. Apart from the low rates, the low season tours offer a breathtaking experience of green leafy vegetation.

In addition, they come with fewer crowds at accommodation facilities hence a serene environment to camp and indulge in night camp-drives. Most budget travelers book their holiday during this season to ease on their spending and experience a full safari expedition at a fraction of the usual price charged during the high season.

The main attraction for safari goers who take advantage of the low season is the birthing phenomenon. Naturally, most animals birth during the low season, which is characteristically wet and abundant in water and pasture. The birthing period is such a breathtaking view that is a pleasure to spectate as animals birth in tens of thousands with new calves being born every single day for a couple of consecutive weeks. The Maasai Mara and the Serengeti are a great example of popular destinations where you can watch this phenomenon. In fact, it happens at the center stage of the Great Migration, which offers picturesque scenery, especially with the large herds of wildebeest traversing vast plains from Kenya across the border to Tanzania. There is no better entertainment than the natural game viewing that this particular phenomenon offers.

For most bird-watching enthusiasts, the low season is a great season for migratory birds especially during wet summer in East Africa. You can catch flocks of different species of birds as they come in an array of eye-catching display of their magical and diverse plumage. Migratory birds make a great percentage of the Great Lakes habitat and spectacular scenery for low season safari goers.

The ultimate selling point or rather an incentive for low season safari is bound to the numerous cost savings while visiting Kenya’s safari destinations, which are typically charged as low as 40% off. On average, the East African safari industry is Kenyan by a great margin and one of the priciest areas to go for a safari.

The price drop is mainly due to the onset of off-peak. However, at the average price of 650 USD,  you can enjoy the adventure of a safari in Kenya. Most notably, you will encounter landscapes inhabited by Acacia and herds of buffalo, elephants, and giraffes. You are also likely to spot playful cubs by the roadside in the vast pristine vegetation of the savannah.

When it comes to doing a Kenyan safari during the low season, it is nothing less than a thrill which delivers a breath-taking experience.




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