Choosing accommodation in Kenya

Choosing accommodation in Kenya

Icon February 27, 2017
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There was a time in the history of the travel industry in which hotels and villas were largely the only viable options for travellers. However, that era is long gone, and the travel industry has undergone a great revolution. Ideally, there are a lot of flexibility and unlimited options to choose from today. There are different offers and they come in different prices. Below are 5 major travel accommodations you can rely upon for your travel in Kenya.

Self-catering cottages

Cottages are a convenient accommodation option for families and they are quite popular in Kenya. The best way to go for a budget-conscious traveller is to book a self-catering cottage, which can accommodate your family and friends. Self-catering cottages provide you the privacy and comfort of a home. However, if you do not want to self-cater during your travel, you should inquire from the management whether they offer in-house staff to cook and clean for you.

Kenya is also awash with high-end beach cottages such as the Tijara Beach cottages which are ideal for an exclusive and prestigious holiday experience.

Rental Villas

Kenya boasts of innumerable rental villas which offer outstanding private beach houses and pool with an assortment of amenities to facilitate fun-activities. If you are looking to enjoy a retreat you should consider private rental villas, which come with all-inclusive services as Spa, hot stone massage and swimming pool facilities. Alfajiri Villas are an ideal option. However, if you are a mid-economy traveller there are less costly options, which deliver the same luxury with the exception of needing you to do self-catering. The top option herein is the Ivana House private villa rentals.

Guest houses

Get house could be the missing puzzle to making your travel an exclusive experience in Kenya. range from safari to beach houses with bed and breakfast or self-catering. They come in different pricing depending on the size and number of guests you are bringing along. Guest houses are quite safe and offer privacy that you cannot get with hotels or apartments.


When choosing a hotel for your accommodation needs in Kenya, the options vary from 3 stars to 7 star hotels. The pricing is also varied and the location of the hotel seems to influence the inflation of prices. Therefore, it is best to check the features and quality of services that a hotel offers before booking. Just because a hotel is strategically located or highly rated on some online review platform does not guarantee quality of service. If you want breakfast in bed, a swimming pool and luxury beddings you should be willing to pay more and do your search on the high-end market. Hotels are quite alike and some average hotels in the Central Business District will likely charge you a lot for half the luxury you can get at a superior hotel!


First, hostels are not only cheap but ideally a great budget option. Hostels are also a modern in-between option for mid-market travellers since they afford the luxury of a hotel without the bloated cost. Hostels come in different classes with some being as basic as sharing a hotel room, whereas you also have the choice of boutique hostels that have private rooms that are fully equipped with kitchenware to enable you to save on the cost of ordering meals.

Having various accommodations for your travel in Kenya is a great convenience since you can tweak you itinerary depending on the length of your travel and budget constraints.



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